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Most Outstanding OL/DL | 2018 GSF HS Football Showcase

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by: Pranav Iyer | photos by: Jorge Birelas

20 Bay Area high school offensive and defensive lineman represented their schools at the 2018 GetSportsFocus High School Football Showcase on June 17th. Players came from near and far, including six from Archbishop Riordan High School, and were coached by a prolific group of college coaches, including Alex Beglinger from Contra Costa College and Andrew Banua from Hartnell College.

“There was a certain swagger to the group that even five or ten years ago, I don’t think the offensive lineman in the Bay Area had that same swagger to them,” Beglinger said.

For many lineman around the nation, exposure and experience is hard to come across. While there are constantly 7-on-7 tournaments and other events catered to skill players, linemen oftentimes have to take the backseat and watch their teammates from the sidelines during the offseason. That is why for Alforde Joaquin, the founder of GSF and head organizer of the showcase, he prioritized the linemen aspect of the event.

The coaches were in fact pleasantly surprised by the skill, strength and knowledge of the players, given the fact that they were still at the high school level. As the offensive line coach for the showcase, Beglinger said the player that stuck out to him the most was class of 2020 recruit Gabriel Martin from ARHS.

“I saw a lot of traits that if he continued to build, “ Beglinger said about Martin, “he could be one of the next great Division I lineman out of the Bay Area.”

Banua, who coached the defensive line in this showcase said it was class of 2019 recruit Michael Estrada, also from ARHS, who drew his eye.

The entire team of lineman coaches came together at the conclusion of the event to put together the top five lineman on both sides of the ball.

5 Most Outstanding Offensive Linemen – Jason Reyes, Simi Iulio, Gabriel Martin, Mose Vavao, Michael Arellano
5 Most Outstanding Defensive Linemen – Anthony Madrigal, Justin DeWitt, Michael Estrada, Afa Sanft, Kevin Malu

Up next for many of the linemen who participated in the GSF showcase is the Super Lineman Invitational on June 23rd at Pittsburgh High School. This event is headed by former San Francisco 49er and four-time Super Bowl champion Jesse Sapolu and Banua will serve as one of the coaches.

For these coaches, while it can definitely be a time to make connections for future recruitment, their reasons for participating in events like these is rooted in selflessness and their passion for the sport and helping the student athletes.

“It’s all about changing people’s lives,” Banua said. “That’s why I got into coaching: to influence them, motivate them, and change their lives for the better beyond football.”

Beglinger, who played his high school and junior college years in the Bay Area, understands that the football community, especially the lineman community in the area is extremely small, and therefore must be tight knit.

“My number one goal coaching offensive line is [finding] how [to] help the Bay Area be better offensive line [wise],” Beglinger said. “We’re right in the hub, whether it’s technology or football. It’s just having the resources and knowing the right people to learn and work with.”

The end goal for both of these coaches is to take their knowledge and leadership to the Division I level, but along the way they are not only gaining an extraordinary amount of experience, but also forming lifelong connections and making impacts on the lives of countless student athletes. And that to them is what makes it all worthwhile.

GSF HS Football Showcase Official Rostter (by Position)

81 Shane Modena WR/LB Aptos Mariners 2019
42 Tyson Garcia WR/DB Bellarmine Bells 2019
33 Malik Johnson WR/DB Menlo-Atherton Bears 2019
27 Noah Rodriguez WR/DB Milpitas Trojans 2019
32 Marcus Williams WR/DB Riordan Crusaders 2019
16 Maurice Wilmer II WR/DB Saint Francis Lancers 2019
2 Richard Corona WR/DB Santa Clara Bruins 2019
7 Malakai Rango WR/DB Serra Padres 2019
88 D’Von Lang WR/DB Valley Christian Warriors 2019
40 Nate Sanchez WR/DB Serra Padres 2020
1 Trevor Pope WR/DB Tracy Bulldogs 2020
83 Andre Faheti WR Leland Chargers 2019
82 Ivan Curiel Jr WR Salinas Cowboys 2019
20 Ezekial Thomas WR Soquel Knights 2019
87 Ryan Daly WR Saint Francis Lancers 2020
43 Terence Loville WR Serra Padres 2020
22 Jackson Girouard WR Sacred Heart Prep Gators 2021
89 Christian Pedersen TE/OLB/LS Serra Padres 2021
80 Elijah Dominguez RB/WR/DB Oak Grove Eagles 2019
26 Edgar Valencia RB/LB/WR Pioneer Mustangs 2019
23 Ezekiel Jasso RB/LB Andrew Hill Falcons 2019
6 Marcos Reyes RB/LB Aptos Mariners 2019
28 Luke Splaine RB/LB Bellarmine Bells 2019
24 Nick Robinson RB/LB Saint Francis Lancers 2019
12 Tristan Hofmann RB/LB Half Moon Bay Cougars 2021
34 Camilo Arquette Aguilar RB/LB Saint Francis Lancers 2022
48 DeSean Crawford RB/DE Lincoln Mustangs 2019
36 Anthony Madrigal RB/DE Valley Christian Warriors 2020
45 Elias Williams RB/DB/LB Tracy Bulldogs 2020
31 Jaeden Barker RB Woodside Priory Panthers 2019
25 Gus Gedney QB/WR Amador Buffaloes 2020
10 Michael Chavez QB/DB St. Mary’s Rams 2021
14 Logan Sumter QB Clayton Valley Ugly Eagles 2019
15 Rocky Hidalgo QB Los Altos Eagles 2019
19 Alejandro Flores QB Silver Creek Raiders 2019
13 Grant Harper QB Campolindo Cougars 2020
18 Bryce Lombardi QB Foothill Falcons 2020
5 Carson Yates QB Leland Chargers 2020
8 Carl Richardson QB Salinas Cowboys 2020
11 Daylin McLemore QB Serra Padres 2020
17 Logan Fife QB Tracy Bulldogs 2020
9 Cory Taylor QB Valley Christian Warriors 2020
41 Joaquin Moreno QB Bellarmine Bells 2021
4 Jake Kern QB Clayton Valley Ugly Eagles 2021
3 Max Waugh QB Fremont Firebirds 2021
44 Coleman Kyles OLB Valley Christian Warriors 2019
56 Kevin Malu OL/DL Newark Memorial Cougars 2019
90 Vaiuli Mani Siolo OL/DL Riordan Crusaders 2019
60 Simi Iulio OL/DL St. Mary’s Rams 2019
95 Miguel Mejia Jr OL/DL Andrew Hill Falcons 2020
65 Payton Zdroik OL/DL Liberty Lions 2020
53 Uate Uhila OL/DL Menlo-Atherton Bears 2020
71 Ian Tupulua OL/DL Riordan Crusaders 2020
78 Gabriel Martin OL/DL Riordan Crusaders 2020
99 Afa Sanft OL/DL Saint Francis Lancers 2020
70 Tanginoa Harris OL/DL Riordan Crusaders 2021
74 Michael Arellano OL Rio Vista Rams 2019
50 Mose Vavao OL Saint Francis Lancers 2020
63 Jason Reyes OL Tracy Bulldogs 2020

30 Justin DeWitt LB/DE Valley Christian Warriors 2019
52 Richard Adams LB Tracy Bulldogs 2020
51 Michael Estrada DE Riordan Crusaders 2019
76 Raymond Russell DE Riordan Crusaders 2020

21 Elias McGovern DB Saint Francis Lancers 2020
29 J’Shawn Thomas DB Fremont Firebirds 2022

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