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Pleasant Grove Eagles – CIF Division 1 State Champions

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The final game played on Friday night was normal short of an entertaining game for the crowd. The Pleasant Grove Eagles took on the Santa Monica Vikings. Both teams had to overcome several tough games to get to the finals, but they made it to the D-1 state championship finals.

Both teams are very solid on the ball and have great ball skills. In the first half, the Vikings came out hard with a full court press on the Eagles. The momentum slowly shifted over to the Eagles as seniors Colfax Nordquist, Malik Thames, and Matthew Hayes led their team to rebound and score crucial points. The Vikings came back to fight hard with players like Cal-bound Jordan Matthews scoring 9 on the half. However, that was not enough to stop the Eagles offense from driving the ball down low and making unbelievable plays. The Vikings full court pressure and and zonal defense was not enough to hold off the Eagles as the Eagles led 36-27 going into the second half.

Heading into the second half, the Eagles offense kept improving as the Vikings play was not could not keep up. One of the most detrimental parts of the Vikings game was start player Jordan Matthews appearing to have pain, but not only that, he fouledl out early in the 4th quarter. The Eagles offense was lead by Malik Thames and and Matthew Hayes who created a dynamic set of plays on the court. Together the two had 35 points on the game.

The final score of the game was 73-57. The D-1 State Champions are the Pleasant Grove Eagles, making them the first Nor Cal team to win on Friday.

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