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Dustin Dorsey Sports Blog | Week 4 NFL Picks

Posted September 30, 2015 by in

GetSportsFocus is presented by: Dr. Arthur J. Ting, MD – Sports Medicine & Orthopedic Surgery

GetSportsFocus is presented by: Dr. Arthur J. Ting, MD - Sports Medicine & Orthopedic Surgery

by: Dustin Dorsey

In my first attempt at picks I showed that I have my Bay Area teams down and that I should not pick so many upset specials as I went 2/4. Let’s see if I can step up my game this week.

Packers @ 49ers- Pick: Packers

Once again the 49ers are forced to take on a possible NFC Champion after coming off what was easily their worst performance of the season. Last week the Packers showed that they have so many weapons it’s definitely a “pick your poison” kind of offense. I picked against them and Rodgers made me pay by throwing 5 TDs, including one to local hero Ty Montgomery. I will not make the same mistake, Packers win big.
Raiders @ Bears: Pick- Raiders
Last week the Raiders looked really good against a very formidable Browns defense. The young bucks of the silver and black have shown they are for real. I’m very impressed with this squad. They are one to look out for. In this game, they will dominate the Bears. Chicago has already given up on the season with the trades of a few key defensive players and they will not show up to play in this game. The best part of this game is the possibility of a David Fales vs Derek Carr rematch. That will make this game a lot of fun, but Carr will finally exact his revenge.
Game of the Week- Ravens vs Steelers: Pick- Ravens
I am a fan of Michael Vick (ON THE FIELD). I always have been. I believe he will come out and step in perfectly for Big Ben in this game against the Ravens. Now, these games are always competitive and always close, and I think that the Ravens will take this game. Originally as I was writing this I picked Pittsburgh but I can’t believe that Harbaugh will go 0-4. It’s not going to happen. Steve Smith and the Ravens take this win. Ice up son.
Upset Special- Vikings @ Broncos: Pick- Vikings
This is a very interesting game. The Vikings are notorious for not being able to travel well, but this is a game I think that they will pull off. One reason and one reason only honestly: ADRIAN PETERSON. He will tear through this defense like tissue paper. They’ve shown that they aren’t the best defense in the world and it will show. This will be a close game but the Vikes will get the W and be the team I thought they were.

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Enjoy the weekend!

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