GSF Football Camp/Showcase

2019 GSF HS Football Camp / Showcase

The 2019 GSF HS Football Camp/Showcase is going to be held at Del Mar HS under the Friday night lights. HS student-athletes from all over are welcome to participate.

Put your skills to the test at the 2nd Annual GSF Football Camp and showcase your talents against quality competition.

Test/Evaluations and Competitions Include:

40-yard Dash • 3-cone Drill • 20-yard Shuffle

Vertical Jump • Broad Jump

*testing events may change depending on participants’ level of interest

Position Specific Drills

7v7 Competition

OL vs DL 5v5 Competition

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by: Pranav Iyer | photos by: Jorge Birelas


The ball is snapped. The quarterback takes a five-step dropback and slings the ball to the right. Class of 2019 defensive back Elias McGovern, reading the play the entire way, breaks on the ball and drives upfield right as it is thrown.

“Here we go! Here we go!” yells Coach Eric Washington, anticipating the big play.

McGovern snags the pick, launches the ball into the air, and “Boom!” The entire defensive squad shoots their imaginary arrows at the imaginary duck aka the ball electrifying the atmosphere. But what is not imaginary for McGovern and the rest of the 65 high school student athletes who competed at the first ever GetSportsFocus High School Showcase on June 17th at San Jose City College, is their burning desire to further their playing careers to the next level.

Alforde Joaquin, the founder of GetSportsFocus, organized this event with the intention to showcase the local talents in the Bay Area specifically the younger underclassmen with high potential to play at the next level. The roughly 3.5 hour event consisted of individual group drills, 1-on-1s and 7-on-7s. Among the 60 plus, there were 14 QBs, 20 WR/DBs, 14 RB/LBs, and 20 OL/DL. A team of 15 coaches facilitated the event, including former GSF Playmaker Bryan Fobbs.

The position periods were split into offensive and defensive sessions where players were put through fundamental and skill drills as well as coaching and mentorship by people who were in the same position as them years ago. During this period, Coach Washington emphasized to his WR group that constant tenacity and drive is necessary to keep dream chasing even when another day goes by without an offer on the table.

“One of the things I live and die by is ‘Respect the Process’,” Washington said.

Following this period were 1on1s, the portion of camp where competition and energy would be at its highest. This was split into three different competitions: RBs vs. LBs, WRs vs. DBs, and a battle between the quarterbacks to see who could throw the most accurate and timely passes. While there were strong showings from many of the players, there were two faces that dominated nearly every rep they took.

The first of these players is class of 2019 WR/DB Malaki Rango. Rango, an expected star for the Serra Padres next year, dominated both sides of the ball in this period. On offense, his route running capabilities were what set him apart, allowing him to create wide open gaps between him and his defender. What he lacked in size and strength, he made up for with the efficiency and deceptions of his cuts as well as his straight speed. His signature moment came on a deep post route where he managed to snag a dying ball out of midair with one hand. On defense, he played lockdown coverage on many of the best receivers at the showcase, both in press and off techniques.

The second player that stood out during this period is class of 2020 QB Logan Fife. Coming off of an impressive sophomore campaign for the Tracy Bulldogs, Fife put on a clinic for everyone in attendance. The velocity and accuracy of his passes were at par or above the other 13 quarterbacks. But what made his performance special was the consistency in his throws, proving that he not only has talent but also the reliability that coaches look for in players. He was one of the few quarterbacks in the group that was able to consistently connect on the deep comeback out of a straight dropback, a route that most high school coaches do not even keep in their playbook due to the high degree of difficulty.

Other players that stood out during 1-on-1s: QBs – Grant Harper, Logan Sumter, Rocky Hidalgo, WRs – Ezekial Thomas, Trevor Pope, DBs – Malik Johnson, D’von Lang, RBs/LBs – Desean Crawford, Jaeden Barker, Coleman Kyles

The final round of competition for the skill players were 7-on-7s and 1-on-1 battles in the trenches between the lineman. The 7-on-7 period was a big test for players of all positions to see how they would react to pressure situations, read cues and work fluidly as a unit. Many of the standout players from the 1-on-1 period also excelled during this period but other players who relied more on their instincts and situational awareness, like McGovern, shined during this part of the showcase.

On the other side of the field, the lineman were going all-out, often times to the ground, showing their tenacity and desire to win their individual battles even without pads on. Some of the defensive players used brute strength, others used quickness, and the best were able to combine those two as well as incorporate smart and efficient evasion moves to get by their matchup. The best players on offense were those who were able to move their feet well and
keep a balanced position throughout the drill. While the players were going at each other for several grueling rounds, coaches were keeping track of the scores of each player which added to the competitive atmosphere.

At the end of the showcase, the players were brought all together and most outstanding player awards were announced:

Most Outstanding QB – Logan Fife
Most Outstanding WRs – Trevor Pope, Malakai Rango
Most Outstanding RB – Jaeden Barker
Most Outstanding LB – Coleman Kyles
Most Outstanding DB – Elias McGovern
5 Most Outstanding Offensive Linemen – Jason Reyes, Simi Iulio, Gabriel Martin, Mose Vavao, Michael Arellano
5 Most Outstanding Defensive Linemen – Anthony Madrigal, Justin DeWitt, Michael Estrada, Afa Sanft, Kevin Malu

After a long day of coaching, training and competition, the first ever GSF High School Showcase was in the books and the players left hopefully one step closer to their goals of playing collegiate football.

GSF HS Football Showcase Official Rostter (by Position)

81 Shane Modena WR/LB Aptos Mariners 2019
42 Tyson Garcia WR/DB Bellarmine Bells 2019
33 Malik Johnson WR/DB Menlo-Atherton Bears 2019
27 Noah Rodriguez WR/DB Milpitas Trojans 2019
32 Marcus Williams WR/DB Riordan Crusaders 2019
16 Maurice Wilmer II WR/DB Saint Francis Lancers 2019
2 Richard Corona WR/DB Santa Clara Bruins 2019
7 Malakai Rango WR/DB Serra Padres 2019
88 D’Von Lang WR/DB Valley Christian Warriors 2019
40 Nate Sanchez WR/DB Serra Padres 2020
1 Trevor Pope WR/DB Tracy Bulldogs 2020
83 Andre Faheti WR Leland Chargers 2019
82 Ivan Curiel Jr WR Salinas Cowboys 2019
20 Ezekial Thomas WR Soquel Knights 2019
87 Ryan Daly WR Saint Francis Lancers 2020
43 Terence Loville WR Serra Padres 2020
22 Jackson Girouard WR Sacred Heart Prep Gators 2021
89 Christian Pedersen TE/OLB/LS Serra Padres 2021
80 Elijah Dominguez RB/WR/DB Oak Grove Eagles 2019
26 Edgar Valencia RB/LB/WR Pioneer Mustangs 2019
23 Ezekiel Jasso RB/LB Andrew Hill Falcons 2019
6 Marcos Reyes RB/LB Aptos Mariners 2019
28 Luke Splaine RB/LB Bellarmine Bells 2019
24 Nick Robinson RB/LB Saint Francis Lancers 2019
12 Tristan Hofmann RB/LB Half Moon Bay Cougars 2021
34 Camilo Arquette Aguilar RB/LB Saint Francis Lancers 2022
48 DeSean Crawford RB/DE Lincoln Mustangs 2019
36 Anthony Madrigal RB/DE Valley Christian Warriors 2020
45 Elias Williams RB/DB/LB Tracy Bulldogs 2020
31 Jaeden Barker RB Woodside Priory Panthers 2019
25 Gus Gedney QB/WR Amador Buffaloes 2020
10 Michael Chavez QB/DB St. Mary’s Rams 2021
14 Logan Sumter QB Clayton Valley Ugly Eagles 2019
15 Rocky Hidalgo QB Los Altos Eagles 2019
19 Alejandro Flores QB Silver Creek Raiders 2019
13 Grant Harper QB Campolindo Cougars 2020
18 Bryce Lombardi QB Foothill Falcons 2020
5 Carson Yates QB Leland Chargers 2020
8 Carl Richardson QB Salinas Cowboys 2020
11 Daylin McLemore QB Serra Padres 2020
17 Logan Fife QB Tracy Bulldogs 2020
9 Cory Taylor QB Valley Christian Warriors 2020
41 Joaquin Moreno QB Bellarmine Bells 2021
4 Jake Kern QB Clayton Valley Ugly Eagles 2021
3 Max Waugh QB Fremont Firebirds 2021
44 Coleman Kyles OLB Valley Christian Warriors 2019
56 Kevin Malu OL/DL Newark Memorial Cougars 2019
90 Vaiuli Mani Siolo OL/DL Riordan Crusaders 2019
60 Simi Iulio OL/DL St. Mary’s Rams 2019
95 Miguel Mejia Jr OL/DL Andrew Hill Falcons 2020
65 Payton Zdroik OL/DL Liberty Lions 2020
53 Uate Uhila OL/DL Menlo-Atherton Bears 2020
71 Ian Tupulua OL/DL Riordan Crusaders 2020
78 Gabriel Martin OL/DL Riordan Crusaders 2020
99 Afa Sanft OL/DL Saint Francis Lancers 2020
70 Tanginoa Harris OL/DL Riordan Crusaders 2021
74 Michael Arellano OL Rio Vista Rams 2019
50 Mose Vavao OL Saint Francis Lancers 2020
63 Jason Reyes OL Tracy Bulldogs 2020
30 Justin DeWitt LB/DE Valley Christian Warriors 2019
52 Richard Adams LB Tracy Bulldogs 2020
51 Michael Estrada DE Riordan Crusaders 2019
76 Raymond Russell DE Riordan Crusaders 2020
21 Elias McGovern DB Saint Francis Lancers 2020
29 J’Shawn Thomas DB Fremont Firebirds 2022

GetSportsFocus Coaches and Staff

GSF Head Coach
Eric Washington

QB Coach
Matt Gutierrez, Bryan Fobbs

WR/DB Coaches
Jim Winkler, Brandon Younger, Eric Washington

RB/LB Coaches
Dante Funtila, Ricky Williams, Tim Tulloch

OL Coaches
Alex Beglinger, Nate Garnica

DL Coaches
Andrew Banua, James Marzano

Organizer/Media Coordinator
Alforde Joaquin
Kaleigh Krish

Field Manager
Paul Rodriguez

Personal Trainer
Bryan Fobbs

Athletic Trainer
Rochelle Collinwood

Jorge Birelas

Alforde Joaquin
Jason Reyes
Alfie Herman
Pranav Iyer
Kyle Moreton

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