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“Gilroy Wrestling” chronicles the high school journey of four outstanding wrestlers from Gilroy High School: Victor Olmos, Paul Fox, Nikko Villarreal and Isaiah Locsin. All four wrestlers, along with their teammates, started wrestling at a young age. This documentary followed the program from 2011-2016 and documented the program’s unbelievable section title run as well.

Nikko, an Arizona State-bound senior, is looking to close out his high school career with a 4th CCS title and 3rd State title. Stanford-bound seniors Victor, Paul and Isaiah are also looking to end their high school career with first place finishes. This feature length documentary explores the world of high school wrestling at it’s finest.

“Gilroy Wrestling” is a testament to what it takes to be a champion. With multiple wrestlers ranked nationally in the past 14 years, this documentary not only features a few of those wrestlers, but also sheds light on how the program has evolved into a state powerhouse.

Please check back for Parts 2, 3, 4 and 5 in the next few weeks.

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GSF360 | FIGHT: The Antonio Garcia Story
Produced/Directed by: Alforde Joaquin

Life was great for Bellarmine College Prep alum Antonio Garcia midway through his final year of high school. His football team had just wrapped up the best season in school history, where he played a key role in the team’s success on offense, defense, and special teams. Even better, he had just committed to the school of his dreams to play his main sport, baseball. All that seemed left to do was take home a ring on the baseball field and graduate high school, when suddenly his life turned upside down, as he suffered an unknown spinal injury three weeks into baseball season. The injury left him paralyzed for a few days, bedridden for weeks, and off the baseball field for the rest of the year.

This documentary chronicles Antonio’s glorious senior football season, his setback and the painful recovery that followed.

Special Thanks to: BCP Athletics, SC Valley Medical, Top Flight Elite Baseball, WCAL, CCS and SJPD

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GSF360 | 4-Star RB Maurice Washington III • Oak Grove Eagles
Produced/Directed by: Alforde Joaquin

National recruit Maurice Washington III has two years left to play high school football. The incoming junior has done so much work over the last half of his life; he was just eight years old when he lost his father – a football, basketball, and track star who spent time playing for the Raiders and was heading to the CFL before being diagnosed with cancer.

The elder Maurice would only get to see his son play his first year of football before succombing to the disease, passing away on the Fourth of July with his son by his side. Eight-year-old Washington simply thought he was asleep when he was taken away from his father’s bedside one final time, and he would later learned that he was gone. Even then, the denial would last for months, with the young boy still asking his mom when Dad would be coming home from the hospital.

Losing a parent can be one of the most traumatic things a person will go through – even more so at such a formative age. Washington originally blamed himself for his father’s passing and had to work through that weight on his young conscience, to coping with the anger of him being taken so early, to the continued healing he still goes through today.

Special Thanks to: Oak Grove Football, Oak Grove High School, Jimmy Brown

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