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Johnny Manziel is a marketing GENIUS – check out the new SNICKERS® commercial featuring Johnny Football as Johnny JamBoogie – Johnny Manziel is probably one of the most electrifying players in college football history. He’s very controversial but he sure maximized it to his advantage. Here’s the most recent Johnn...
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NFL Commisioner Roger Goodell wrote to team owners: “I didn’t get it right.” – NFL commissioner Roger Goodell announces new measures on domestic violence in letter to owners; Six games for 1st offense, lifetime ban for 2nd. Goodell also wrote to the owners: “I didn’...
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From High School Basketball Star to NFL Hopeful: The Story of Kevin Greene – by: Jack Duffy When athletes finally reach the pros, it is generally the fulfillment of a childhood dream after a life dedicated to a certain sport, but for 49ers tight end Kevin Greene, the path to d...

DeAnthony Thomas made his NFL debut with an 80-yard punt return TD – Crenshaw High School alum and former Oregon Duck star DeAnthony Thomas made his NFL debut with an 80-yard punt return TD. Check out the unedited post game interview by the Kansas City Star. WATCH THE ...

Manning Brothers drops another rap hit – Fantasy Football Fantasy – This ones going viral. Fantasy Football Fantasy music video featuring the Manning brothers. Best part was at 2:11 when Eli made his Drake impersonation with the auto tunes. Was Eli looking or reading ...

EXCLUSIVE – San Jose Earthquakes ALAN GORDON – On Thursday night, over 4,000 San Jose Earthquakes fans came together at the San Pedro Plaza in downtown San Jose to witness the unveiling of the new Quakes logo and 2014 jerseys. There were plenty of...

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