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Podcast: Sam Fisher: Quarterback Coach: The Mental Game

Coach Sam Fisher, Owner of Throw To Win QB Training and Quarterback Coach for Norte Dame High School talks about the mental game of a quarterback. We talk about the dynamics that quarterbacks deal with in regards to pressure, d...

49ers GM John Lynch | 2018 Bay Area College Football Media Day

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90% Mental | Steve Springer – Toronto Blue Jay’s Former Performance Coach

Steve Springer, the Toronto Blue Jay’s Performance Coach preaches the gospel on the mental game. With 14 years of professional experience, working with mental performance coaches, and working as a mental performance. Stev...

90% Mental | Drew Bledsoe, former NFL Quarterback and Entrepreneur “The QB Mindset: Life After Football”

Drew Bledsoe, former NFL Quarterback and Entrepreneur talks about his QB mindset and how his professional football career prepared him for life after football. He shares how he dealt with adversity on and off the field, why it ...

90% Mental | Marcus Mayo, Author of Mindful Quarterbacking

Marcus Mayo, author of Mindful Quarterbacking, talks about how and why mindfulness is a key factor within a quarterbacks state of mind. We discuss aspects of his book that touch on breathing, meditation, competition, and prepar...

90% Mental | Garett Tujague, Offensive Line Coach at the University of Virginia “Embracing the Struggle”

Garett Tujague, University of Virginia’s Offensive Line Coach, dive’s deep in to why embracing the struggle will aid the development process with athletes as well as build character. Coach Tujague shares intimate ex...

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