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SJSU Spartans not able to contain the Utah State Agies

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Saturday was one of those days for the Spartans… Heck, the whole weekend was one of those “days” for most of Bay Area sports teams.  Stanford loss, the 49ers loss, the Giants lost the first game of the ALCS and the Spartans… well, they lost too.  The other team played just a bit better.

David Fales is one tough QB.  To take a beating like he did Saturday, the guy deserves to be in the NFL someday.

As far as the game, let’s focus on the positive shall we…

Noel Grigsby, Jabari Carr, Chandler Jones, Kyle Nunn and the rest of the receiving core of the Spartans sure can play under pressure.  With Fales having those Agie D-Linemen on his face, he managed to get some bullets out there and the Spartans receivers got up and got ’em.  It’s exciting to watch these young men hustle to the ball and make acrobatic catches and take a hit after making it.  Keep up the great work gentlemen.

Speaking of tough, Blake Jurich is another one of those that we want to recognize because whenever he is in, the other already knows whats up and B.J. still gets positive yardage.

Austin Lopez… “Automatic Austin” is his new nickname.  maybe they should’ve just kick every time they got to with in field-goal range on 4th down.

With the Spartans going for 5-in-a-row, that Stadium was packed.  I’m sure Spartan Stadium will be packed again in two weeks when SJSU plays Texas State.

GetSportsFocus will be in San Antonio to cover the Spartans take on Texas – San Antonio.  In the mean time, enjoy the highlights, just look away towards the end if you do not want to see Fales get beat up.

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