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GetSportsFocus Top Gun Tournament (HS Qualifier) February 16, 2020

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GetSportsFocus Top Gun 7v7 Tournament

LOCATION: Lincoln HS – 555 Dana Ave, San Jose, CA 95126


Questions? Email us:

EMT: Michael V.

SCHEDULE: Check in 8am-8:20am
The field will be available for warmups starting at 8am.
First set of games will begin at 8:40am
Championship game will start at approximately 2:30pm
Awards presentation at the conclusion of the championship game.
Download ZORTS Sports app for matchups and team game schedules. It will be posted starting this Friday.

If your team is scheduled to play a later game, please check in 30 min before your first game.

Please provide a team roster (printed or emailed).

Head Coaches are the only ones required to check in at the table located on the 50 yard line.
The minimum number of players to compete in the tournament is 9, maximum is 25.

There will be a brief meeting between officials and coaches before each of the pool play.
If you have any questions now, please let us know.
The first set of games will start at 8:40am. We will have a centralized time and score keeper.
Each team will play three 20 minute preliminary games for seeding purposes before we get to the single elimination championship bracket.
Preliminary Games = 20 minutes
Bracket Plays = 25 minutes
There will be a five minute break in between games.
Please review the rest of the information and if you have any questions, email us back right away so that we don’t have to discuss it before the tournament.

40-yards long, sideline to sideline
Endzone is 10 yards deep

Teams must wear matching uniforms. It is highly recommend to have a set of secondary or back up jersey top in case your team end up playing another team with similar colors. We will not be providing the orange vest anymore.

We recommend that teams wear numbered jerseys for proper identification. Rosters with correct spelling of the players’ names, school and grade level will help us identify your players when posting videos and picture on social media.

Teams on offense can have a maximum of 5 players and two coaches on the field, the rest of the team must be on the sidelines.

We encourage players to wear a soft shell and mouthguard when competing but it is optional.

Football cleats with rubber spikes are allowed. Teams are only allowed to warm up on the turf area. Please stay off the track around the football field.

No metal cleats or spikes allowed

Teams are NOT allowed to wear their high school gear or uniform during the tournament (CCS and NCS rules)

There will be a head table located on the 50 yard line.

ALL THE GAMES will start and end at the same time. A designated time keeper will keep the time. The timer will also announce when the game has reached its halfway point, 5 minute warning, 2 minute warning and the last play.

A coin flip with the team captains and head coach will determine who gets the first possession for each of the preliminary games.

The first offensive drive of the game or after a change of possession will always start on the 40 yard line.

Offensive coordinator can be behind the offense to call and diagram plays.

Only the offensive and defensive players are allowed on the playing field.

Teams on offense can have a maximum of 5 alternate players and two coaches on the field, the rest of the team must be on the sidelines.

Non-starters must remain on the sidelines.

Defensive coaches must coach from the sidelines.

No coach from the defensive team is allowed to be in the back of the end zone.

Each team must use and have their own footballs.

QB tee with a 4 second timer will be provided.

Teams coach or an extra player is allowed to snap the ball to their QB from the tee from a kneeling position.

Two to three certified referees will officiate each game.

We will have a flip scoreboard and a scorekeeper who will keep scores for each game.

GSF 7v7 Open Championship Field


Possession always begins at the 40 yard line

Offensive team will have three downs to get the first down from the 40 yard line to the 25 yard line and from the 25 yard line to the 10 yard line.

Once the offensive team gets to or crosses the 10 yard line, they will have 4 downs to score.

When the ball is downed inside the 5 yard line, the ball will then be automatically moved back to the 5 yard line. The offense does not get a first down once they cross the 5 yard line.

No penalty will be assessed in excess of the 40-yard line

If a penalty would move the offense beyond the 40 yard line, the offensive team shall be charged with a loss of down

Each team will have 25 seconds to snap the ball once it has been marked ready for play; delay of game penalty will be a 5 yard penalty. The flag staff will alert the offense when there’s 10 seconds remaining before the ball needs to be snapped.

GSF will provide two QB tees on each field.

Passer may not run the ball to gain yards

QB may sprint out or execute a play action pass without going pass the line of scrimmage

No tosses or lateral plays

No blocking or screening


NO defensive player may rush in pass the line of scrimmage towards the offense or press the offensive player back pass the line of scrimmage. This will result in a penalty of 15 yards, plus a first down for the offense.

Receiver/Ball carrier is legally down when touched with one or two hands

Excessive force by shoving, pushing, or striking a blow will be penalized by automatic first down and 5 yards

Player will be expelled if ruled unsportsmanlike & flagrant

INT = change of possession + 3 points for the defense

Fumbles are dead balls at the spot with the last team retaining possession

A muffed snap is not a fumble. The 4.0 second count remains in effect on muffed snaps

Defensive Pass Interference = 15 yards from the line of scrimmage, up to the 10 yard line only

Passing Interference is a foul that occurs when a player interferes with an eligible receiver’s ability to make a fair attempt to catch a forward pass.

No deliberate bumping or grabbing. Responsibility to avoid contact is with the defense

No contact face guarding is allowed

Offensive pass interference or blocking downfield, pushing off for separation, or playing through a defender who had established position = 15 yard penalty

Double possession may result in a do over play

Unsportsmanlike comments and gestures may result in a penalty

NO TRASH TALKING OR TAUNTING, (violations = 5 yard penalty & expulsion if flagrant or repeated)

If the clock runs out while the last play is executed, that play counts if the team scores a TD or if the ball ends up on or inside the 5 yard line.

If the ball is downed inside the 5 yard line, the offensive team is granted one play to score. And if the offensive team scores, the team is granted one play to go for 1 point or two points.


Coin flip will determine who gets to choose to be on defense or offense.

Each team will have an opportunity to run a play from the 10 yard line. If the score remains tie after that period, the next play becomes sudden death and whoever scores first wins the game.


TD = 6 points

INT = 3 points

1 point for PAT from 5 yard line – 2 point PAT from 15 yard line

INT during the PAT = dead ball

Games are 20 minutes long, running time clock during pool play

Playoff or Bracket games are 25 minutes long

No timeouts

In case of an injury, time will be stopped until the injured player is escorted to a safe place on the sidelines

There will be a five minute break after each game

Please do not leave any valuables in your vehicle.

GSF is not responsible for anything lost or stolen from your car.

Parking is FREE if you park in designated areas. DO NOT BLOCK any fire lanes or bus stops, your car will get towed.

Please get to the tournament site on time

Please let your fans know that there will be a $5 adult admission at the gate.

Always wear your credentials to gain field access

Please watch your belongings (Cell phones, headsets, gear, etc.)

We will have some good food available for sale and some drinks as well.

We will also have certified trainer on site in case of minor injuries.

Ice will be provided to players who need them.

Coaches make sure to submit the waivers form thru the online form along with your payment as soon as possible.

NO DRONES!!! San Jose City Rule

Each team is only allowed one photographer/videographer on the field shooting from the back of the end zone. Unless your media staff can show an NCS, CCS or CIF media credential, we cannot allow him/her on the field and sidelines due to safety reasons.

Ankle taping is the team’s’ responsibility

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