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3X CCS Champion Wrestling Champion Chase Saldate

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2019-2020 CCS Wrestling Boys and Girls Championship

106 Boys
1st Place – Clarence Moore of Gilroy
2nd Place – Michael Huh of Westmont
3rd Place – Mark Ramirez of Fremont
4th Place – Ethan Salcedo of San Benito
5th Place – Jaden Felipe of Bellarmine
6th Place – Elijah Nguyen of Milpitas

113 Boys
1st Place – Zak Thompson of Palma
2nd Place – Zach Fierro of Gilroy
3rd Place – Calvin Antonio of Evergreen Valley
4th Place – Fernando Diaz-Marquez of Half Moon Bay
5th Place – Ivan Torres of Greenfield
6th Place – Derek Lee of Fremont

120 Boys
1st Place – Ryan Luna of St Francis
2nd Place – Michael Bigler of Riordan
3rd Place – Harrison Nguyen of Evergreen Valley
4th Place – Anthony Pavlov-Ramirez of Los Gatos
5th Place – Oscar Alfaro of Gilroy
6th Place – Gerald Sarkes of Santa Teresa

126 Boys
1st Place – Adam Arenas of Lincoln
2nd Place – Jayden Gomez of Gilroy
3rd Place – Santino Topete of Silver Creek
4th Place – Donovan Wallace of Evergreen Valley
5th Place – Vincente Mosqueda of Watsonville
6th Place – Brandon Bigler of Riordan

132 Boys
1st Place – Joseph Orlando of Bellarmine
2nd Place – Christian Antonio of Evergreen Valley
3rd Place – Nathan Aguilar of Gilroy
4th Place – Nick Rusiniak of Los Gatos
5th Place – Joaquin Mosqueda of Watsonville
6th Place – Charles Mathews of Serra

138 Boys
1st Place – Henry Porter of Gilroy
2nd Place – Kyle Botelho of Burlingame
3rd Place – Marcus Murabito of Los Gatos
4th Place – Branden Bulatao of Fremont
5th Place – Esteban Sanchez of Silver Creek
6th Place – Danny Andrade of Palma

145 Boys
1st Place – Adar Schwarzbach of Palo Alto
2nd Place – Donte Lopez of Gilroy
3rd Place – Jason Tang of Riordan
4th Place – Calvin Cai of Gunn
5th Place – Jordan Phillips of Los Gatos
6th Place – Rudy Zepeda of Palma

152 Boys
1st Place – Chase Saldate of Gilroy
2nd Place – Dara Heydarpour of Palo Alto
3rd Place – Andrew Forman of Mitty
4th Place – Jason Najar of Evergreen Valley
5th Place – Philip Doan of Gunn
6th Place – Philip Chung of Wilcox

160 Boys
1st Place – Marcos Jimenez of Evergreen Valley
2nd Place – Braumon Creighton of Palo Alto
3rd Place – Micah Porter of Gilroy
4th Place – Christian Antonio of North Salinas
5th Place – Luke Keaschall of Aptos
6th Place – Gianni Bisante of Wilcox

170 Boys
1st Place – Chad Sakamoto of Gilroy
2nd Place – Zane Hake of Bellarmine
3rd Place – Josh Ballesteros of Evergreen Valley
4th Place – Lazaro Martinez of North Monterey Co
5th Place – Hunter Brophy of Carmel
6th Place – Tyler Rowland of Wilcox

182 Boys
1st Place – Thomas Mailhot of Los Gatos
2nd Place – Carsten Rawls of St Francis
3rd Place – Dezi Johnson of Santa Clara
4th Place – Renato Bezzera of Riordan
5th Place – Misha Lomboy of Palma
6th Place – Aydan Diaz of Bellarmine

195 Boys
1st Place – Olandis Mathes of Carmel
2nd Place – Carlos Jimenez of Evergreen Valley
3rd Place – Miguel Mejia of Andrew Hill
4th Place – Richard Urquidez of Soledad
5th Place – Brandon Reed of Homestead
6th Place – Osama Raboye of Del Mar

220 Boys
1st Place – Josh Cortez of Gilroy
2nd Place – Raymond Russell of Riordan
3rd Place – Nate Fernandez of Monte Vista Christian
4th Place – Yahir Ortiz of Independence
5th Place – Robert Gulchin of Sacred Heart
6th Place – Misiteni Eke of Menlo-Atherton

285 Boys
1st Place – Nicholas Villarreal of Gilroy
2nd Place – TJ Takafua of Fremont
3rd Place – Davis Salom of Mitty
4th Place – Caspian Grabowski of Half Moon Bay
5th Place – Xavier Bruening of Burlingame
6th Place – Soane Kolokihakaufisis of San Mateo

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101 Girls
1st Place – Kiely Tabaldo of Menlo-Atherton
2nd Place – Melissa Lee of Fremont
3rd Place – Abbeygael Cabuag of Sobrato
4th Place – Kelalani Tumale of Silver Creek
5th Place – Divina Perez of Gilroy
6th Place – Joanna Li of Lowell

106 Girls
1st Place – Nyla Valencia of Sobrato
2nd Place – Greta Gustafson of Santa Cruz
3rd Place – Valerie Glenn of Gilroy
4th Place – Veronica Garcia of Soledad
5th Place – Viveca Pannell of Los Gatos
6th Place – Ailynne Acosta of Salinas

111 Girls
1st Place – Aphrodite Ayala of Gilroy
2nd Place – Martha Alvarez of North Salinas
3rd Place – Camila Barranco of Aptos
4th Place – Alelha Brussard of Menlo-Atherton
5th Place – Zoi Smith of Leland
6th Place – Alexandra Cortez of Scotts Valley

116 Girls
1st Place – Kaelyn Siason of Alvarez
2nd Place – Jennifer Villegas of Overfelt
3rd Place – Milca Elvira-Chacon of Gilroy
4th Place – Maira Joya of Evergreen Valley
5th Place – Veloria Pannell of Los Gatos
6th Place – Elis Carvalho of Terra Nova

121 Girls
1st Place – Alexia Bensoussan of Menlo-Atherton
2nd Place – Katherine Nguyen of Evergreen Valley
3rd Place – Jackie Negrete of Soledad
4th Place – Taylor Micallef of Half Moon Bay
5th Place – Ella Jauregui of Palo Alto
6th Place – Lilian Busnardo of San Lorenzo Valley

126 Girls
1st Place – Adaugo Nwachukwu of Silver Creek
2nd Place – Jocelyn Fierro of Gilroy
3rd Place – Morgane Gaucher of Wilcox
4th Place – Leonor Sarabia of Half Moon Bay
5th Place – Arwen Hirsch of Santa Clara
6th Place – Maricella Barreto-Ray of Sacred Heart Cathedral

131 Girls
1st Place – Maya Letona of Santa Cruz
2nd Place – Anna Smith of Menlo-Atherton
3rd Place – Daniela Romo of Lowell
4th Place – Alexandra Lee of Palo Alto
5th Place – Valeria Ramirez of N. Monterey County
6th Place – Alana Washington of Evergreen Valley

137 Girls
1st Place – Eleni Fakaosi of Lincoln
2nd Place – Esmeralda Mendez of Half Moon Bay
3rd Place – Tyler France of Scotts Valley
4th Place – Ariana Reyes of North Salinas
5th Place – Nicola Tyburski of Fremont
6th Place – Madeline Lazo of Evergreen Valley

143 Girls
1st Place – Emmily Patneaud of Gilroy
2nd Place – Annie Hua of Fremont
3rd Place – Mercedes Rosales of Alisal
4th Place – Vanessa Gutierrez of Lincoln
5th Place – Franchesca Weaver of North Salinas
6th Place – Yulissa Ramirez of Half Moon Bay

150 Girls
1st Place – Annabel Garcia of Fremont
2nd Place – Mikayla Silverman of Gunn
3rd Place – An Nguyen of Evergreen Valley
4th Place – Shaylene Lopez of Santa Teresa
5th Place – Alex Lujan of Menlo-Atherton
6th Place – Jacqueline Miguel-Dolores of Half Moon Bay

160 Girls
1st Place – Valerye Trevizo of Monterey
2nd Place – Hana Duus of Fremont
3rd Place – Alex Quintero of Aptos
4th Place – Dallia Rua of Soledad
5th Place – Rina Smith of Aragon
6th Place – Elisa Mendez of Half Moon Bay

170 Girls
1st Place – Erika Perez of Salinas
2nd Place – Mel Lopez of North Salinas
3rd Place – Philomena Imoka of Lowell
4th Place – Liz Menedez of Monterey
5th Place – Melane Martinez of Alvarez
6th Place – Aviv Kobza of Palo Alto

189 Girls
1st Place – Juliannah Bolli of Silver Creek
2nd Place – Socorro Aguilar of Half Moon Bay
3rd Place – Monique Granados of Santa Teresa
4th Place – Karina Marquez of Alisal
5th Place – Cynthia Rosalez-Perez of Santa Cruz
6th Place – Desiree Aguayo of King City

235 Girls
1st Place – Lydia Martinez of Salinas
2nd Place – Lima Sadozai of Monterey
3rd Place – Marina McNeil-Vivanco of Wilcox
4th Place – Nataly Gijon of Half Moon Bay
5th Place – Micaela Mullan of El Camino
6th Place – Savannah Sepulveda of San Benito

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