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50th Pat Lovell Wrestling Holiday Classic | Aptos High School

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50th Pat Lovell Wrestling Finals

106lb Championship
1st Place Match
Justin Ramirez (Clovis) 5-0, So. over Lorenzo Gunn (Benicia) 15-3, Jr. (Dec 4-3)

1st Justin Ramirez of Clovis
2nd Lorenzo Gunn of Benicia
3rd Alex Zacarias of Aptos
4th Nick Trave of Petaluma High School
5th Lesane Noble of JFK-Sacramento
6th Dylan Hidalgo of North Salinas
7th Levi Lemus of Enochs
8th Russell Calmes of Santa Cruz

113lb Championship
1st Place Match
Carter Bailey (Granada) 13-3, So. over Michael Bigler (Riordan) 11-2, Jr. (Dec 6-0)

1st Carter Bailey of Granada
2nd Michael Bigler of Archbishop Riordan
3rd Rene Chaidez of Clovis
4th Conner La rosa of John H Pitman
5th Michael Moore of Enochs
6th Brayden Bowers of Lake Stevens
7th Jordan Noble of JFK-Sacramento
8th Fernando Diaz-marquez of Half Moon Bay

120lb Championship
1st Place Match
Donovan Lucente (Amador Valley) 18-0, Jr. over Matthew Johnson (Lake Stevens) 4-1, Sr. (Dec 11-4)

1st Donovan Lucente of Amador Valley
2nd Matthew Johnson of Lake Stevens
3rd Tre Orlando of Bellarmine Prep (San Jose)
4th Miguel Mendoza of Gonzales
5th Trace Huber of Hughson
6th Edgar Campos of San Benito
7th Julian Rosales of John H Pitman
8th Andrew Blains of Alisal

126lb Championship
1st Place Match
Izzy Tubera (John H Pitman) 5-0, . over Gus Petruske (College Park) 12-1, Sr. (Dec 5-2)

1st Izzy Tubera of John H Pitman
2nd Gus Petruske of College Park
3rd Isaiah Schannep of Whitney
4th Jake Gaitan of Las Lomas
5th Kyle Lacoursiere of Lake Stevens
6th Donte Lopez of Gilroy
7th Brandon Reynolds of Benicia
8th Haidyn Herrin of Hughson

132lb Championship
1st Place Match
Marco Ruffinelli (Las Lomas) 13-2, Sr. over Majed Moussalli (Granada) 16-6, Sr. (Dec 6-0)

1st Marco Ruffinelli of Las Lomas
2nd Majed Moussalli of Granada
3rd Gabe Bargas of Hughson
4th Gregorio Alfaro of Gonzales
5th Wyatt Springer of Lake Stevens
6th Rodolfo Paredes of Madera
7th Timothy Cowan of Livermore
8th Nick Richardson of Golden Valley (Merced)

138lb Championship
1st Place Match
Josiah Monjares (Las Lomas) 8-1, Sr. over Logan Avina-barajas (Clovis) 4-1, Jr. (Dec 7-5)

1st Josiah Monjares of Las Lomas
2nd Logan Avina-barajas of Clovis
3rd Basil Othman of Benicia
4th Dara Heydarpour of Palo Alto Hs
5th Enzo Hormozi of Golden Valley (Merced)
6th Caden Cauley of Lake Stevens
7th Adar Schwarzbach of Palo Alto Hs
8th Liam O`neill of Petaluma High School

145lb Championship
1st Place Match
Dawson Sihavong (Bullard) 6-0, Sr. over Sammy Silveria (John H Pitman) 18-2, . (Dec 4-2)

1st Dawson Sihavong of Bullard
2nd Sammy Silveria of John H Pitman
3rd Timothy Waymouth of Gunn
4th Jonathan Nguyen of Granada
5th James Ost of Fremont (Sunnyvale)
6th Nate Singelyn of South Tahoe
7th Rylan Matheson of Granada
8th Benjamin Murphy of Whitney

152lb Championship
1st Place Match
Alfredo Mendoza (Salinas) 22-3, Sr. over Connor Pedersen (Petaluma High School) 16-3, Sr. (Dec 8-3)

1st Alfredo Mendoza of Salinas
2nd Connor Pedersen of Petaluma High School
3rd Luke Meyers of Watsonville
4th Isaiah Onitveros of John H Pitman
5th Jacob Barquet of Whitney
6th Theo Quindipan of Fremont (Sunnyvale)
7th Nolan Lok of John H Pitman
8th Gennaro Fiorillo of Bellarmine Prep (San Jose)

160lb Championship
1st Place Match
Kendall La rosa (John H Pitman) 20-0, . over Colton Prieto (Petaluma High School) 12-3, Sr. (MD 9-0)

1st Kendall LaRosa of John H Pitman
2nd Colton Prieto of Petaluma High School
3rd Jack Nabors of Clovis
4th Stephen Williams of Acalanes
5th Zion Maghoney of Enochs
6th Andrew Hamant of College Park
7th Logan Sales of Las Lomas
8th Ocean Granada of Bullard

170lb Championship
1st Place Match
Jack Woods (Junipero Serra) 7-0, Sr. over Julian Fryberg (Lake Stevens) 4-1, Sr. (SV-1 7-5)

1st Jack Woods of Junipero Serra
2nd Julian Fryberg of Lake Stevens
3rd Austin Luckett of Summerville Union
4th Aveleano Taveras of Santa Teresa
5th Tyler Slay of Aptos
6th Diego Diaz of Bellarmine Prep (San Jose)
7th Christian Smith of Clovis
8th Edwing Flores of Independence

182lb Championship
1st Place Match
Jack Kilner (Granada) 16-1, Sr. over Zane Hake (Bellarmine Prep (San Jose)) 14-2, Jr. (TF-1.5 3:42 (17-0))

1st Jack Kilner of Granada
2nd Zane Hake of Bellarmine Prep (San Jose)
3rd Tate Bossert of Las Lomas
4th Eric Karas of College Park
5th Sirr Henson of Benicia
6th Antonio Viorato of Gonzales
7th Dezi Johnsen of Gilroy
8th Carson West of Lake Stevens

195lb Championship
1st Place Match
Jaron Azevedo (John H Pitman) 18-2, . over Robert Ochoa (Gonzales) 6-1, Sr. (Dec 2-1)

1st Jaron Azevedo of John H Pitman
2nd Robert Ochoa of Gonzales
3rd Alex Vaca of Madera
4th Jordan Hilford of Clovis
5th Jacob Vincent of Lake Stevens
6th Josh Collom of Granada
7th Xavier Williams of Livermore
8th Kai Hall nitto of Las Lomas

220lb Championship
1st Place Match
Juan Mora (John H Pitman) 17-3, . over Yahir Ortiz (Independence) 12-3, Jr. (UTB 4-3)

1st Juan Mora of John H Pitman
2nd Yahir Ortiz of Independence
3rd Wyatt Hall of Lake Stevens
4th Hulise Santiago of Madera
5th Tj Takafua of Fremont (Sunnyvale)
6th Johnathan De luna salazar of Fremont (Sunnyvale)
7th Alberto Rodriguez of San Benito
8th Ryan Bailey of Amador Valley

285lb Championship
1st Place Match
Victor Jaquez (Bellarmine Prep (San Jose)) 12-0, Sr. over Cohle Feliciano (Fremont (Sunnyvale)) 11-1, Sr. (TF-1.5 2:58 (15-0))

1st Victor Jaquez of Bellarmine Prep (San Jose)
2nd Cohle Feliciano of Fremont (Sunnyvale)
3rd Devin Kylany of Lake Stevens
4th Lucas Cook of Lincoln (Lincoln)
5th John Cook of Madera
6th John Hunter of Santa Teresa
7th Elias Saldana of Ceres
8th Joel Ortiz of William C Overfelt

50th Pat Lovell Holiday Classic Final Team Standings

1 – Lake Stevens, WA 256.0
2 – John H Pitman, CA 217.5
3 – Clovis, CA 178.0
4 – Granada, CA 147.0
5 – Las Lomas, CA 143.0
6 – Bellarmine Prep (San Jose), CA 117.5
7 – Fremont (Sunnyvale), CA 112.0
8 – Petaluma High School, CA 103.5
9 – Benicia, CA 102.5
10 – Madera, CA 100.0

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