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CCS 116LB Wrestling Champion Kaelyn Siason – Everett Alvarez Class of 2020 – GSF Game-Changer Exclusive

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by: Madyson Montoya
Everett Alvarez High School’s senior Kaelyn Siason is a CCS champion and started wrestling when she was in 7th grade. Wrestling is huge in the Siason family as her brother is a wrestler and her dad and uncles all grew up wrestling. Siason started out as a competitive dancer and cheerleader before making the transition to wrestling and mentioned that experience has helped her immensely with her flexibility. Siason loves being with the boys as they push her to be better and she sees no separation between girls and boys wrestling. The senior would love if more girls joined wrestling, but has not quite decided if it is in her college future. Right now Siason is just focusing on this year and dominating in the 116 weight class for her final high school season on the mat.

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