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CCS Wrestling Champion Christian Cabuag – Class of 2021

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by: Madyson Montoya

Junior Christian Cabuag has a lot to keep up with this upcoming season. The wrestler had a strong sophomore season becoming a CCS champion and placing sixth at State. Wrestling has been bred in the Cabuag family as his dad wrestled growing up and has passed it down to all of his kids. The junior first started wrestling while in middle school and fell in love right away. Cabuag appreciates the physical demand the the sport requires. He mentioned that wrestling is a sport where you have to give your 100 percent effort. Cabuag applies this in his academics as well as it is important for him to be a student first and athlete second. Without school he can’t wrestle, so academics is another area where he gives 100 percent effort. Cabuag has recently moved and is now wrestling at Ann Sobrato high school, where he thinks he will be a part of a successful program. Like any wrestler, Cabuag is all about the growing of the sport and has already seen it get more recognized through social media. He would like to see the females get more recognition as he sees that they work just as hard as the males. As far as this season goes, Cabuag is working everyday to ensure he will be a State Champion.

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