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GSF Exclusive Q&A with Bellarmine senior and Washington bound QB KJ Carta-Samuels by Kimberly Alballat

Posted February 5, 2014 by in – by: Kimberly Alballat

As a senior high school athlete your biggest career moment falls in the decision you make to further your athletic and academic career. As a senior and quarterback of Bellarmine College Prep, KJ Carta-Samuels had to make a big decision as to where he would further his athletic career.

KJ isn’t just your typical quarterback.  He’s an overall star athlete.  KJ is ranked 9th as a pro style quarterback, and is also ranked as the number 211 overall player in northern California.  According to ESPN they consider KJ the 13th best pro style quarterback and number 270 overall prospect.  As a sophomore, KJ had verbally committed to play for Vanderbilt where his brother Austyn currently attends.  Now being a senior he was left with a choice to either fully commit to Vanderbilt to join his brother or chose a different path.  KJ was left with a handful of options that varied from Penn State, Arizona, Oregon, Notre Dame, University of Washington and the list goes on and on.  KJ is every coach’s dream player.  His pro style, athleticism and drive to be the best is something every team wants and needs.  In the end KJ chose his own path and history, he chose to commit to the University of Washington.  Ultimately he chose to become a Huskie because he felt that UW fit him both athletically and academically.  The future Huskie can’t be more excited to suit up and make a name for himself.

Questions and Answers:

Q. What’s your favorite color?

A: Green


Q. What’s your favorite food?

A: As simple as it is, steak


Q: Who’s your professional woman athlete crush?

A: I would have to say Hope Solo


Q Who’s your favorite NFL player?

A. Aaron Rodgers


Q: Who’s your favorite college player?

A: Johnny Manziel


Q: Where’s your favorite place to be

A: Home, but to vacation I would say Hawaii


Q: What do you do for fun?

A: I love to be outdoors, I enjoy going on bike rides, fishing and golfing. Another thing I enjoy doing I wouldn’t call it a hobby but I love playing video games.


Q: Tell me something no one knows about you?

A: I’m a comedian at heart, I may not look the part but I’m a real laid back guy and want to have a good time.


Q: Have you had any other jobs besides playing football?

A: No I haven’t but my junior year I did do some community service last summer, I help run a sports summer camp for kids that were less fortunate. This year I’m also working at the Children’s Discovery museum. I have to do a total of 60 hours and work with children.


Q: If you were drafted into the NFL as a high school rookie what team would you pick to play for?

A: 49ers


Q: With no sports in your life, how would you picture yourself?

A I would really be more focused on my academics


Q: What would you be doing if you weren’t playing football?

A: If I didn’t follow my brothers foot steps; I would be most likely playing baseball.


Q: Do you have any other favorite sports?

A: Baseball is my second sport; I played soccer and basketball in middle school also. I was always playing sports as I grew up.


Q. How was your last year of high school football?

A. It was awesome; it was a tougher year for us because last year we were 11-2 whereas this year we were 8-4. It a good life lesson for me because I realized we can’t always have a perfect season and we had to continue to fight on no matter what.


Q: What was your most memorable moment playing at Bellarmine?

A. My junior season against Mitty, we were down by 4 in the 4th quarter with a minute left and I threw a 55-yard post to Jared Vallner for a touchdown-winning pass. I will never forget that feeling and hearing the crowd cheer knowing I was able to do that for my team was unforgettable. It was probably one of the best feelings playing as a quarterback at Bellarmine.


Q. What will you miss most about playing at Bellarmine?

A. The guys in the locker room, it’s a different football aspect in high school because we’re all out there as a family fighting the grind and grid, its awesome to be with your team and also to be the guy to motivate them as being a senior captain this year.


Q. Why did you change your mind about Vanderbilt?

A. The whole appeal of staying on the West Coast, also growing up I always wanted to play against the Pac 12 it would be awesome to have my family come watch me play those schools.


Q. What made you choose Washington?

A. When it came down to it, Washington gave me the best overall feel academically and athletically and I found all that in Washington.


Q. What was your brother’s response when you chose Washington over Vanderbilt?

A. He’s always been supportive and he wanted me to make the decision on my own. He was really happy for me also.


Q. Do you think Budda Backer will join you as a UW Huskie?

A. I think he is and I’m hoping because we need someone like him on the team.


Q. How was your visit to UW?

A It was awesome the stadium and the facilities are great there and its just an awesome environment and I cant wait to put on my pads and play for the stadium and crowd.


Q. What will you miss most about California?

A. Probably the weather Washington gets more rain and just the feel but I’m looking forward to something new and I also want to see how I feel as I do something new.


Q.  What are you looking forward to most as becoming a Washington Huskie?

A. Just joining along with the program trying to make an impact and shock a few people. I want to set a new highlight for the program coming in as a freshman. I want to be the fresh guy on the block and try to make an impact and lead the team.

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