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“Keep Wrestling in the Olympics” – GSF Weekly #7 w/ Angela Santoro welcomes State Champs Nikko Villarreal, Cadence Lee and USA Olympic Gold Medalist Jake Varner

Posted May 12, 2013 by in – This week’s GSF Weekly put a spotlight on the oldest sport known to man, Wrestling
Angela Santoro welcomes 2X CIF State Champion Nikko Villarreal of Gilroy High School and 2013 CIF State women’s 105lbs champion Cadence Lee of Gunn High School. Justin Lum reports on the status of Olympic Wrestling with testimonials from 2012 Olympic gold medalist Jake Varner and a some of California’s state champion wrestlers. Varner, a Bakersfield, CA native competed in the London Olympics representing the USA is also a 2X NCAA Champion.
Webster defines wrestling as a form of combat sport involving grappling type techniques such as clinch fighting, throws and takedowns, joint locks, pins and other grappling holds. It is also a word often use to describe an individual’s mental battle with one’s self. Of all the sports, wrestling is a miniature interpretation of life. It is a struggle, a triumph, a victory and defeat which takes place in a circle. It is an individual sport but it can also be a team sport. A wrestler cannot physically get better with out wrestling another wrestler. It is a test of physical strength, a test of skill, agility, endurance and most important of all mental toughness. A wrestler can only build mental toughness by experiencing victory, defeat, struggle and overcoming adversity.
Wrestling is life. It is the one sport which helped create the rest of the sports we have to day. It is a competition. Man vs man. And taking the sport out of the Olympic games is like eliminating a big part of human history and it is a disrespect and a disgrace to the world of sports.

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produced by SportsFocus Production
video by: ALF Joaquin, Paul Staphorsius, George Nguyen
“Let’s Keep Wrestling” feature written by Justin Lum
editor: ALF Joaquin

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