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Kendall Stubblefield • C/F • Bellarmine Bells | Class of 2018

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Kendall Stubblefield

F/C • Bellarmine Bells

Year: Junior | 2018

Height: 6’5″

Weight: 225lbs

GPA: 3.0

Recruiting Status: Open

Top Flight Elite Basketball


Here’s our Q&A with Bellarmine Bells Junior Kendall Stubblefield
TWITTER: @kenstubby9494
INSTAGRAM: @kendall_stubblefield

When did you start playing basketball?
I started playing basketball around 6th grade in a church league

Do you play any other sport?
No, I used to play football up until sophomore year

Talk about your family’s background when it comes to sports.
Growing up I always thought I wanted to be just like my dad and play football in the NFL, but my parents didn’t let me play until high school. I started playing basketball in my backyard when I was little and fell in love with it ever since.

How do you like playing for BCP?
I love it, as players we know we have some of the best coaches we could ask for and love being able to play for the program.

You have a very talented squad, talk about your role as a player.
Being a Junior on the team I always look up to the seniors and look forward to getting that leadership role. My role on the team is the guy who brings that energy that we need on the team.

What can you say about your coaching staff at Bellarmine?
The coaching staff is amazing, coach Schneider does a great job of making us better every day, and the assistants always do a great job getting us ready for the game and help us keep our poise in game situations.

Would you like to play college basketball?
It’s my dream, I’ve always wanted to play in college and do my best to make it there.

Do you have any current offers?
No I do not currently have any offers, hopefully the letters come in some time.

What’s your ultimate goal?
My goal is to continue my dreams and help the others around me accomplish their dreams to, and I plan to do that by leading our team to more wins.

What or who motivates you?
I am motivated by always keeping in mind that I may have an opportunity to play the sport I love in college.


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