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The Rise of Asian American Basketball

Posted June 22, 2019 by in

by: Pranav Iyer

(Click on the embedded picture below to see the full story!)

The Rise of Asian American Basketball (Click on the embedded picture above to see the full story!)

Seven years ago, Jeremy Lin captures the hearts of millions as a result of his rags to riches story and his charming demeanor, but even more so because he was the first Asian American to make it big on basketball’s greatest stage. Following Linsanity, an influx of Asian American representation at the highest levels of the sport was predicted. But today, we have yet to see that materialize. In reality though, the story of Asian American hoops is so much larger than just Jeremy Lin. In The Rise of Asian American Basketball, our Editor-in-Chief Pranav Iyer delves into its history, cultural stigmas, subconscious biases, the role models that paved the path before Lin and the true lasting impact of Linsanity, all through the voices and stories of 30 people who have shaped Asian American basketball into what it is today. 



Pranav Iyer is the GSF Editor in Chief and has been on staff since 2016, publishing feature stories, highlight reels and event recaps. He has a passion for sharing the stories that need to be heard and bringing to light the issues that need to be talked about. Specifically, he has an interest in multimedia sports journalism and delving into topics regarding Asian-American athletes. READ OTHER FEATURES BY PRANAV IYER0.4% - The Struggle, Identity and Pride of Asian-Americans in Football
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