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Dustin Dorsey Sports Blog | Another weekend full of wild finishes…

Posted October 5, 2015 by in

GetSportsFocus is presented by: Dr. Arthur J. Ting, MD – Sports Medicine & Orthopedic Surgery

GetSportsFocus is presented by: Dr. Arthur J. Ting, MD - Sports Medicine & Orthopedic Surgery

by: Dustin Dorsey

Another weekend full of wild finishes, a lot of missed field goals and more reason to believe the NFL is completely wide open.

Starting in the Bay Area, both the 49ers and Raiders will be licking their wounds following tough losses to teams from the NFC North. The Niners showed once again that their offense is almost nonexistent. Colin Kaepernick has thrown 5, yes 5 interceptions in the past two games. If they hope to succeed, they need to figure out how to get him going.

The Raiders were surprised to see Jay Cutler under center and I believe it was the difference maker. It was a close game to the end but the Bears edged them out. Poor day running by Murray for Oakland definitely played a role in the loss. Very hard to keep a team winless while at home. Raiders have hope going forward.

WATCH: Raiders vs Bears

The Rams surprised everyone with another huge win against the NFC West. They can’t beat the Redskins but they can beat the Cardinals IN Arizona? Good for them. Todd Gurley looked like the beast that he should be for his career. Love to see the young man bounce back from his injury.

WATCH: Rams vs Cardinals

The Monday night game should be a very interesting contest as well. Two underachieving teams face off under the lights in Seattle. You know what that means? The Seahawks are going to win this game. Shoutout to the 12th man. They have the greatest home field advantage I’ve ever seen and it’s even stronger at night. Matt Stafford has struggled all year and the noise of the 12s won’t make this any easier. The boom is back in the Legion for Seattle and I anticipate a big win for the Hawks.

Let’s hope the rest of the season is as exciting as today and Thursday was in the NFL. As a fan, you can’t beat this.

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