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Dustin Dorsey Sports Blog | NFL Season is BACK

Posted September 14, 2015 by in

GetSportsFocus is presented by: Dr. Arthur J. Ting, MD – Sports Medicine & Orthopedic Surgery

GetSportsFocus is presented by: Dr. Arthur J. Ting, MD - Sports Medicine & Orthopedic Surgery

by: Dustin Dorsey

What an opening weekend of football in the NFL. We have waited patiently since early February to be able to watch real football and week one did not disappoint.

Let’s start out in Big D with my boys. What an opening night victory. I only have two words for you: Tony Romo. Number 9 in your program but number 1 in your heart! When the chips are on the table, Romo lead the Cowboys down for the game winning touchdown. The man who once was known for his late game falters has now become Mr. Clutch at the end. The losses of Dez Bryant and Randy Gregory will hurt the team in the coming weeks but there is something to be said about the resiliency of this team with the game on the line. How bout them Cowboys?!

WATCH: Tony Romo leads the Dallas Cowboys to a last-second victory as he tosses a game-winning TD to Jason Witten. Check out highlights from his spectacular game.

On to thoughts for the rest of the NFL: How about the play of young Marcus Mariota in his first ever NFL game? He opens up against Jameis Winston and outshines him completely. 4 touchdowns in a huge victory for the Titans. I for one wasn’t sure how he would do in the league but he made a believer out of me.

WATCH: Marcus Mariota highlights. Week 1 of the 2015 NFL Season

Speaking of believing, I have two sleeper teams that I am a true believer of. Those teams are the Buffalo Bills and St. Louis Rams. I have seen so many experts pick the Seahawks and Colts to win the Super Bowl this year, but the Bills and Rams had different thoughts. Both teams were able to come out with incredible defense to shut down the potent offenses of Indy and Seattle. These will definitely be teams to look for in the future.

WATCH: Colts vs Bills

Finally, let’s take a look at the Bay Area. The 49ers kick off their season against the Vikings on Monday night football and they’re taking on Adrian Peterson who feels like he has something to prove. If Tom Brady taught us anything this week it’s that you don’t want to challenge a former MVP. I expect Peterson to have another MVP season. The Raiders struggled tremendously versus the Bengals in their home opener. It was a very surprising result considering the new look Jack Del Rio coached team. While the Raiders looked pretty bad, I don’t expect that to continue. Of course, losing Carr was a major loss.

WATCH: Cincinnati Bengals at Oakland Raiders

This should be an incredible year for the 50th Anniversary of the Super Bowl. We had several amazing finishes tonight and it appears that the NFL is going to be wide open for the taking. I’d like to once again give a little hallelujah that football is back and let’s enjoy the rest of this year!

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Dustin Dorsey joined the GSF Crew as a reporter in the Fall of 2015. As a senior majoring in journalism at San Jose State University, Dustin's life revolves around football. The San Jose local has been a life long fan of the Dallas Cowboys and continues to cheer for his team despite living in the Bay Area. During his college career, Dustin worked with the San Jose State Spartans and Stanford Cardinal football teams. He was a part of some of the best teams in Spartan and Cardinal history. His love of the game drives him to want to follow football for the rest of his life.


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