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Dustin Dorsey Sports Blog | Week 7 NFL Picks

Posted October 23, 2015 by in

GetSportsFocus is presented by: Dr. Arthur J. Ting, MD – Sports Medicine & Orthopedic Surgery

GetSportsFocus is presented by: Dr. Arthur J. Ting, MD - Sports Medicine & Orthopedic Surgery

by: Dustin Dorsey

Big week in football coming up for week 7 and I’ll be highlighting four divisional match ups with huge implications. Let’s get to the picks.

Seahawks @ 49ers- Pick: Seahawks

This is a very very difficult game to pick. I just can’t trust the 49ers. I have been back and forth multiple times as I wrote this but I’m sticking with the Hawks. The defense has now blown two straight against some of the leagues best. The 49ers are starting to play much better on offense and playing even better when at home. However, I can’t believe that the Seahawks and Legion of Boom will make the same mistakes. If we’ve learned anything from Tom Brady, when great players are angry and embarrassed, look out. A banged up Hyde and Boldin for SF doesn’t help at all either. This will be a tight fought battle but I think the Seahawks edge them out.
Raiders @ Chargers- Pick: Chargers
The Chargers might be the best 2-4 team in the history of football. Philip Rivers is having an MVP like season yet most his team cannot help him out at all. One of his best targets, former Cal Bear, Keenan Allen has been helping Rivers out a lot. He’s having an all pro year. This game is where he finally gets help from everyone else. The Raiders are coming off a bye but they are also losing captain Justin Tuck on defense. I think the Chargers will come out and win big. They’re due.
Upset Special: Jets @ Patriots- Pick: Jets
Last time I picked against the Patriots, I had to eat my words. However, this is a much different game. This game features the top ranked defense and offense in the NFL. The Jets are looking really good and the Patriots appear that they can’t be stopped. This is going to be a huge game that comes down to the wire. The difference maker? Ryan Fitzpatrick. Whoa whoa whoa Fitzmagic! He’s been so good while filling in for Geno Smith and this is his week to take his spot in first place in the East.
Game of the Week: Cowboys @ Giants- Pick: Cowboys
On to the other side of the East, the Giants once again battle for first place in the division with their game against the Cowboys. However, this isn’t the same Cowboys team that has lost three straight. The Cowboys have made changes on the offensive side of the ball and put Matt Cassel in charge of the offense. This should open up the Cowboys passing game and allow new starting running back Christine Michael to run wild in his first start of the year. The defense is now fully healthy and coming off of a week rest. The front seven is fierce with names like Hardy, Gregory, Lee and McClain to name a few. Eli Manning and company looked awful last week against the Eagles and this Cowboys defense is even deadlier. This one might get ugly, but hey, it’s the NFC East. You never know.
Enjoy the divisional match ups!

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Dustin Dorsey joined the GSF Crew as a reporter in the Fall of 2015. As a senior majoring in journalism at San Jose State University, Dustin's life revolves around football. The San Jose local has been a life long fan of the Dallas Cowboys and continues to cheer for his team despite living in the Bay Area. During his college career, Dustin worked with the San Jose State Spartans and Stanford Cardinal football teams. He was a part of some of the best teams in Spartan and Cardinal history. His love of the game drives him to want to follow football for the rest of his life.


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