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Kelvin Lam –

Kelvin has been in the cheerleading industry for over 15 years and has made a big impact on many cheerleaders across the country and internationally. He is the founder and president of Cheer Moxie, a cheerleading services company. They offer camps, clinics, choreography, and coaches training. Kelvin also helped to initiate the first cheerleading coaches conference in Australia, called the Aussie Gold Cheer and Dance Coaches’ Conference, held in the Gold Coast, Australia. He has judged at numerous competitions nationally and internationally. Kelvin wants to continue to impact the cheerleading industry by helping to create memories and learning environments that will increase the level of safety, foster healthy competition, provide motivation, and promote personal pride.

Alforde Joaquin –

Alforde M. Joaquin, better known as ALF’s has a passion for shooting and editing that has earned him several awards including an Edward R. Murrow Award in 2006 for Videography. He was also a nominee for the National Edward R. Murrow Award for Videography. A 6-time Emmy recipient for five different categories: Director/Producer, Videography, Editing, Feature Segment and Sound Mixing. ALF is currently the Executive Producer for is an online sports video magazine based in the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Kaleigh Krish –

With her passion for sports and love for the camera, Kaleigh Krish has quickly become a rising star in the sports broadcast industry. Kaleigh grew up in Northern California while pursuing an acting career in Los Angeles, appearing in films such as Beethoven’s 4th and television shows like Touched by an Angel. From a young age, Kaleigh knew she was meant to be in front of the camera. While attending California State University Fullerton, she found her true passion in sports reporting. As a leading member of Titan Sports Recap, a weekly broadcast of CSUF sports highlights, Kaleigh excelled in shooting, writing, reporting, and cutting highlight packages for the show and YouTube channel. In May 2014, Kaleigh received her Bachelor’s Degree in Broadcast Journalism with a minor in Radio, Television, and Film. Currently, Kaleigh is an Entertainment host, shooter and writer for GetSportsFocus, a leading sports media outlet in the San Francisco Bay Area.