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#gsfTAKEOver – Pioneer High School – The first ever gsfTAKEOver segment starring the Pioneer Mustangs with Justin Lum. This entire video was shot by a GoPro Hero3 and 98% of the raw footage is unedited.


GSFWeekly – Homecoming for Oregon RB Byron Marshall – by: Courtney Ponce The Cardinal defense did their thing once again at the “Farm,” as Stanford improved to 5-3 with a 38-14 victory over OSU. Wide receiver Ty Montgomery returned a 50-yard punt for...

weights and bars


#TheJustinLumReport – Oregon QB Marcus Mariota is the Best College Football Player in the Nation – Stanford defense is looking to make it three in a row against the number one rated college football player in the nation, Oregon QB Marcus Mariota. Music by: Immediate Music – Blade of Honor


#gsfFANZone – The Bellarmine Blue Crew at the The Pit - The Pit was LIVE!!! The Pit was CRAZY!!! But the Bellarmine Blue Crew were not afraid to enter the den of the Monarchs because they had a fearless leader named Jack Duffy. Lumsanity presents another #gsfF...